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The Truth About Whiskey

Although several styles of whiskey have been produced in the U.S., it is bourbon that was designated as America's native spirit according to a
1964 act of Congress. By federal law, bourbon must be made using at least 51% corn in its mash, while the corn content must not exceed 79% or it
is designated as corn whiskey. Bourbon is a straight whiskey and, according to law must be distilled at 160 proof or less and must be aged
a minimum of two years in new charred oak barrels. Most bourbon is aged at least four years and often longer. Since it is straight whiskey, no
blending is permitted and there are no additives, with the exception of water to reduce the proof.

The sour mash method is simply a technique of fermentation that uses part of the previous distillation in the new batch of fermenting mash.
The sweet mash yeasting method uses only fresh yeast for fermentation. The sour mash method provides a dimension of consistency from one batch
of whiskey to another. By law, bourbon can be distilled anywhere in the U.S., with most of it produced in Kentucky, where it must be distilled
and warehoused for at least one year to carry the "Kentucky Bourbon" designation on the label. "Bottled in Bond" bourbons must be straight,
at least 6 years old and 100 proof.

Tennessee Whiskey is sour mash with one extra step - the distilled spirit is filtered through sugar maple charcoal, that has been cut and
stacked and burnt in a special way to remove impurities. Then the whiskey is put in charred oak barrels for aging. Whiskey with out the e is simply the
Scottish and Canadian way of spelling whiskey, the U.S. and Irish put the e in whiskey. Some U.S. distillers took on the Canadian spelling
during proabition when they had ties to Canadian distillers like George Dickel Whisky, Makers Mark Whisky.

You can drink whiskey in Lynchburg, the home of Jack Daniels Whiskey, ya just can't sell it there, although they will now sell you a
*specialty bottle* at the distillery. State law in Tennessee says ya have to have over 2,500 votes to vote in liquor in a county, there are
only 360 sumpin people in the county of Lynchburg so if everybody voted for liquor they still wouldn't have enough votes to get it in.

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